Multiple Training Times Available. Appointment Required prior to visit as we are a private studio. 

Meet the Inner Strength Fitness Crew

We pride ourselves here at Inner Strength Fitness in making each person who walks through our doors feel like their apart of a family. We hope to inspire, motivate, and educate those seeking to make a positive physical, mental, and emotional change. 

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Mike Lara,
Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor 

I believe in helping others live longer better lives and as a trainer I get to do it all.


After tearing my ACL in high school football I found that being able to exercise is a luxury.

As I proceeded down the road to recovery I found a passion for health and fitness.


Being a teenage father I faced many challenges but I always had the gym to teach me how to push myself to become more. There is no better way to help someone than to show them how to not only change physically but mentally.

Chris Brown
Personal Trainer

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Jesse Jackson
Owner and Master Trainer

As a former basketball player who blew out his knee, Jesse understands the demands of the athlete as well as the struggles that pre and
post-surgical patients may face.

This experience in turn led to Jesse having a tremendous passion for injury prevention and pain management amongst every client Jesse coaches.

After working as a corporate trainer for over 2 years, he decided to expand his vision and passion and founded Inner Strength Fitness. Jesse has a great passion for teaching clients as well as trainers in the field of fitness, and specializes in injury prevention and corrective exercise.

Megan Disney
Executive Assistant

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Anna Collier
Brand Ambassador and Social Media Coordinator

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