Multiple Training Times Available. Appointment Required prior to visit as we are a private studio. 

Inner Strength is proud to now offer FitRanX, an advanced performance ranking system, to our clients to keep you motivated, hungry for success, and give you something to strive for outside of just the scale and lower body fat. 


Watch this Video to Learn More:

FitRanx truly is a revolutionary way to get you results, keep you motivated, and gives you an experience like no other fitness facility. 


It comes as a bonus to all of our current training programs, but we've strict guidelines for those who participate:


1. You must be consistent. 


In order to participate in FitRanx you MUST be consistent and represent our core values as a business. 


2. You must be capable. 


As coaches, its our job to ensure that you are ready to pass once you've been selected to Test.


Much like a teacher at a school, we will prep you to pass with nutrition, physical ability, and mental toughness.