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4 Things That Hold You Back from Fitness Success

Along my journey as a fitness professional, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of people, heard every excuse in the world, and seen so many different reasons why people just simply don’t succeed in reaching their goal. The concepts/things that I have dealt with in my career I believe to be things that not only hold people back in their fitness, but more importantly, their LIFE.

Here are the concepts I have seen:

  • Pride

Pride shows itself in many, many ways. Many (not all I assure you) of the men who come to me for advice aren’t really looking for “advice,” they just want to feel competent or “right” in what they currently are doing-no matter how fat, out of shape, unhealthy, uneducated, or how ignorant they truly might be.


We live in a society of men who’s pride keeps them from being able to truly learn from the feet of someone else (which is another story in itself). Subconsciously, they tend to feel “intimidated” and truly don’t want to “listen” as listening may point to the fact that they are wrong, uneducated, and even worse, simply in need of HELP. I say this all the time-I’m not a mechanic, so I don’t pretend to be one. Therefore, I won’t ask the mechanic’s professional advice, and try to complete his sentences for him. All this is doing is self serving the ego and doesn’t allow either party to benefit. Yet many men, especially those with any athletic background or certain professions (police, military, fire department), want to believe they know how to properly work out.

Pride is simply much more prevalent amongst the men, although I’ve seen it in women too. As a professional, I am ALWAYS learning. My pride CANNOT get in the way of my personal growth and improvement. It always astounds me that people will come up to me, ask for advice, and I’ll never truly be able to give it as they will give their own “input” on the question as if though to “prove” they already know it all. I kind of laugh internally at it at this point, even though its sad at the same time.

Yes, people’s pride keeps them from truly allowing me to help them get better. I see it day in and day out. People pay me for a service, but don’t want to let down their walls so that I can truly help them change their behaviors and, in essence, change their LIFE. Humbleness is the only solution to this problem. This is why I now pre-qualify all the clients I work with as working with someone who is coachable is necessary for the process to yield great results.

  • Not believing you can do it.

“If you believe it, you can achieve it.” The saying still rings true. I’m amazed at the lack of faith and belief people don’t have in themselves. If you couldn’t fail, what would you try? What would you do?

If you believe it, you can achieve it.” The saying still rings true. I’m amazed at the lack of faith and belief people don’t have in themselves. If you couldn’t fail, what would you try? What would you do?

So many have been so out of shape for such a long time that they have given themselves this negative self-identity. You think people see you as “fat” or see you as “less” so you develop this opinion and self-identity that truly leads to self-sabotage and actions that lead to the wrong path. No matter what your goal is, you simply have to believe that it can be done, and take the right steps towards it.

  • Negotiation your Health

Holidays are over missy. Did you let the parties, the get togethers, the family stuff, and the FOOD get in the way? It happens every year.



This is sad. I now have prescheduled every year my November holiday “warning” where I encourage people to simply stick with it. Taking a few days, I get it. Taking a week off, I get that too. Throwing away all the effort, weight lost, habits, and work you’ve put it is irresponsible and a sign of how you handle other things in your life. You must decide to take care of yourself so that you may take care of others.

There are people who have just as many responsibilities as you, work just as hard as you, have just as many kids as you, and yet they still work out, eat healthy, and live an enpowered life. What’s your excuse?

  • Having the wrong input

What you put into your mind is what will come out of your mouth.

What you put into your mind is what your actions will reflect.

You are what you think about. I promise you.

Things such as the news, certain friends, and even family members can all be sources of negativity that hold you back from success. It is so important that you have a community of people that will build you up and hold you accountable towards your goals. This is why Inner Strength Fitness‘ first focus is simply “Community.”

Surround yourself with 5 people who will help you improve your life. I promise it will make a difference.

The greatest strength you may find is often on the other side of the things that hold you back. Don’t be afraid to have a real, hard conversation with yourself which may generate a much more productive, fulfilled, and happy life.

In health and wellness,

Jesse, Master Trainer



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