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3 Tips for Parents Wanting to Live a Healthier Life

The responsibility of being a parent…Wow. I can only imagine at this point as a guy who just got engaged. Having worked with tons of parents with kids over my years of being a personal trainer, I’ve learned a lot about how to help parents eat better in the “busyness” of parenthood.

1. Plan your meals the night before.

It’s simple, but when you are prepared for you day of eating, working out, activities, etc, it will make a significant impact on your overall organization and execution of what may be more of a “balanced, productive” day. Prepare your meals the night before, or plan on eating at a specific place for lunch which has healthy choices in alignment with your goals.

2. Have your emergency “gym bag” with you.

Keep this in your car. Things I’d advise to keep in this bag are a complete change socks, underwear, shoes, and proper seasonal workout attire. When you know you’ve got that hour or two to get that workout in, there’s no time to procrastinate as a parent. Double check your bag constantly too. Remember that one time you were going to go to the gym but you forgot your shoes? Then you just decided to stay home and never actually worked out. You just have to be prepared, and get it done.

3. Communicate with you spouse consistently.

It’s important that you and your spouse be on the same page when it comes to taking care of your health. I can tell you that the best thing that helps most people win the battle of health while having kids at home is simply a communicative and supportive spouse. See this as your “date” together or even as “you” time. (Be sure you are BEING that spouse as well) Communication is key for you overall success in balancing out all the details of your health and fitness.

Jesse Jackson Inner Strength Fitness Owner, Master Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor


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