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Carnivore to Vegan


I decided at New Year’s that I was going to make a few changes in my nutritional lifestyle. I do, and have been eating healthy for quite a long time, but I simply wanted a change. Unsure of what that looked like, I spent a couple of weeks initially figuring out what I wanted to “learn” as opposed to what I wanted to “eat” or do “differently.” What I decided to do was polar OPPOSITE of what I’ve pretty much always done-go from Carnivore to Vegan. (Well, at least temporarily)

I eat meat (or high protein) at least 4 times per day, sometimes 5, and do eat more “boxed” foods than even I would like to admit. My schedule with business gets hectic, so quick, efficient, foods on the go work best with my goals and the demands of my life.

This decision will in no wise be an “easy” decision, but it is a great way for me as a fitness and health professional to learn, challenge myself, and gain valuable experience as to how I’m feeling, how my workouts go, and what clients may go through when attempting a similar process.

I’m excited to learn and will be dedicating the next 6 weeks to sharing this process here on the blog as well as my social media accounts. (Be sure connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

My daily food sources will be high in nuts, vegetables, fruits, and gluten-free grains. I will be eating alot of eggs, quinoa, and tofu to help keep protein levels high. Avocados and raw nuts will be my main source of fats.

I won’t be taking in dairy products, including regular milk, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and supplements or products that have dairy derivatives in them. Yes, this is a little extreme, but we will see how this goes!

Starting out, my primary supplements of choice will by Vega Sport Protein (Chocolate), Vega Sport Pre-Workout (Acai Berry), and PLnt Amino Acids (Chocolate). (Yes, it’s spelled “PLnt.”)

I look forward to sharing this journey and growing through the process. Feel free to add tips, advice, or ask questions if you’ve any.

Contact me on Inner Strength’s Website HERE, or leave a comment below:

In health and fitness,

Jesse Jackson, Owner/Master Trainer

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