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Naked Juice Product Review

Today I would like to start doing an Inner Strength "Product Review" Newsletter that we will send out bi-weekly. This newsletter will cover specific food and drink items that you are likely to see consistently in the market, and how they affect your health, fitness, and wellness. My product to review today is Naked Juice. You can find them in several grocery stores and almost any gas station.


Here's a Look at the Nutritional Label for ya:


Notice anything about this? How about the whopping 68 carbohydrates, 57 of which are fast-sugars just waiting to spike your blood sugar and deposit as body fat? Now, wait a sec, isn't Naked Juice HEALTHY? Well, considering the natural sources from which the juice is coming from, as well as the vitamins and minerals you will get, you could say it has some benefit. But, it says "No sugar added" on the front. I thought that meant it would be healthy? Technically, they may be right. There may not be any sugar "added." The point is that the amount of sugar ingested from 1 bottle is not worth the price of drinking it. To any of my diabetics, "pre-diabetics," or people seeking to lose weight, this product shouldn't be in your radar. If you are trying to lose weight, Id advise you to cut Naked Juice out. Fruit has definite health benefits, but the sugar contained must be relatively low or else your sacrificing one thing for the sake of another. If you are a raving fan, drink 1/3 of it a day, and no more as a recommendation. Remember: "Drinking your calories is NEVER a safe way to lose body fat." Tell me, what other products would you like for us to review here at Inner Strength? Email me back with suggestions. Yours in fitness, Jesse Jackson Owner, Inner Strength Fitness



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