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Challenge Yourself

I don't know about you, but I don't want to wake up one day wandering what I "could have" done to live a better life. I don't want to look back and "wish" I had done something to improve my life. I was talking with a client yesterday about the value of living your life and "taking risks." I want to encourage you to do the same. Now, I'm not talking about making dumb decisions, but what I am saying is that life is just too darn short for you to sit back in your "comfort zone couch" and not go live the life you TRULY want to live. See, what we as personal trainers know (at least those of us that are successful) is this: If you can lose all that weight... If you can actually stick to your healthy lifestyle and not "crash in" all the time.... If you can actually take the pain, the discipline, and the sacrifice that it take to improve your health and fitness, and maybe even make DRASTIC changes... Then, we KNOW you have it in you to attain success in every other area of your life. Look, we know that life isn't 100% about fitness. We get it. You're CRAZY busy. You're frustrated with multiple things most likely in your life. This is just a "tool" to breed more happiness, self-esteem, and health in your life. But, you cannot ignore that fact that when your body, health, and mind aren't right, then YOU aren't right. No matter where you go, you take your body with you. How many times have you gone outside to the pool only embarrassed about the way you look? How many times have you wanted to just "feel" better, yet you've never even given yourself 6 weeks of consistent, healthy eating? How many times have you LIED to yourself saying that "its ok you've had a rough day" and have justified self-sabotaging behavior by pulling up once again into the fast food lane or picking up that cigarette? Truthfully, I just can't sit back and watch as people live life less than average and not fulfill their purpose here in this world. That's why Inner Strength exists. Today, I CHALLENGE you to look in the mirror with full honesty, and ask yourself if you are REALLY giving it your all. Are you REALLY taking SERIOUS ACTION towards the things you want or are you just stuck in some fantasy dream land that will only ever "talk" about them? It's NOW or never for you to come to grips with your self and what is truly holding you back from the body, health, and life you want. If you're on the right track, take this as motivation to stay on the right track. Contact me today if you're ready for change. Dedicated to your success, Jesse Jackson Owner, Inner Strength Fitness



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