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3 Best Smoothies for Weight Loss at Smoothie King

Today in our Product Review #3, I will discuss the best Smoothies for those trying to lose weight. We have a great alliance with our local Smoothie King here, and I want to go through and breakdown a few things that may help you when walking into their store to get some of their "goodness." So, the main question of today's review.....

  • What smoothie is best for me Post-Workout if I am trying to lose weight?

It depends on the level of intensity you faced during your workout. For instance, if you just got done with one of our awesome FIT Camps, then you have probably burned between 500 and 700 calories on average. (maybe even more!) Hence, if you're trying to lose weight or lower body fat, we need to keep your nutrition, specifically protein, high enough to aid in your recovery of your muscles while still allowing your body enough of a caloric deficit to still burn body fat. Here's 3 different smoothies I recommend post-workout for those trying to lose weight: 1. Lean1 Chocolate (Small)-quality protein levels and this has also enough sugar to help you recover from a challenging workout without it being "overboard." I would recommend chocolate over strawberry as it has less sugar in it. 2. Small Slim-n-Trim Chocolate (make it Skinny)-If you don't make this a skinny it may be too much "fast-acting" sugar for you to properly absorb. Keep it Skinny and add an extra "protein" or "muscle-builder" enhancer to help you recover faster. 3. Chocolate or Vanilla Shredder (Small)-Great smoothie with high protein and adequate carbohydrate levels. Recommendations for Men: add an extra enhancer of protein to #1 and #2 for sure. Also, you can stay away from the "skinny" if you're just trying to "lean" up. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll review what I can and answer as many as I can. Hope this helps you guys on your journey! Dedicated to your success, Jesse Jackson Owner, Inner Strength Fitness



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