Multiple Training Times Available. Appointment Required prior to visit as we are a private studio. 

Post-Rehab Programs


Our Post-Rehab Programs are designed for those in need of care following their physical therapy or medical treatment. 


We work with individuals who are in a sub-acute or chronic phase of their condition provided they are medically stable for exercise. 


Dysfunctions we treat through exercise are listed below and are not limited to:


  • Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, and/or High-Cholesterol Levels

  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis, tendinosis/tendinopathy, osteoarthritis and/or osteoporosis

  • Prehab for Joint replacements and other  major surgeries 

  • Musculoskeletal Imbalances/Asymmetries

  • Chronic Instability of joints and ligamentous associations


Our mission is to bridge the gap between Medical care, therapy, and physical fitness. 


Most people still need a lot of strengthening to get back to their normal life and to help prevent the onset of injury from occurring again. 


We will always get a Medical Doctor's consent prior to working with clients so as to give the best valuable service within our scope of practice.