Multiple Training Times Available. Appointment Required prior to visit as we are a private studio. 

Ticia G.



I love everything that Inner Strength Fitness (ISF) is about, which is aligns with its



Community - ISF brings people together through fitness, by way of training sessions and boot camps. I've built lifelong friendships by being a part of both. I'm also proud to say that ISF has provided many donations to several charities that expand throughout the world.


Education - I have been taught priceless information in regards to my health and nutrition that I'll never forget. For example: what you think is healthy, really is not; how many calories are in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and what each of these provides for us in our bodies; when is it a good time or not to eat certain foods for better weight loss. It's endless and of course, I'm still learning.


Exercise - Each of these points are so valuable, but this one...I can't express enough how relieved of stress and how energized I feel after each and every training session and boot camp that I go to. Also, during each set in training sessions or even at boot camps, I learn so much about what muscle I'm using and why I need to strengthen it for the future. In the meanwhile, I'm losing weight and inches all around...I'm getting toner, what's not to love about that?


I have grown tremendously in all facets of this motto, not only physically stronger through EXERCISE and training but emotionally through EDUCATION and COMMUNITY, as well.


The owner and trainer of Inner Strength Fitness, Jesse Jackson, often states, "Find your INNER STENGTH!" I have started and will always continue to hold onto mine....when will you begin to find yours?