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The 3 Most Important Things for Over 50 Fitness

Updated: Mar 6

If you're looking for a fitness program in Arlington, TX and you're over the age of 50, here's 3 of the most important things for you to consider.

1:Strength Training is a must.

Strength training for those over 50 in Arlington, TX is crucial for maintaining strength, improving bone density, and ensuring a high quality of life. When you don't participate in a fitness program that consistently involves strength training, you're missing out on the most foundationally important piece of your fitness puzzle. At Inner Strength Fitness, we help our clients get stronger and achieve their goals with a high focus on functional strength training that helps our over 50 clients stay strong for whatever they care about.

2: Joint-Care matters.

Alot of fitness programs will promise to get you in shape but they'll ask you to do a bunch of exercises that may be too much pounding on your joints. Many of our clients at Inner Strength Fitness tried other fitness programs in the Arlington, TX area only to find they were too intense and posed too much stress on their body. Basically, these fitness programs that are predominantly catering to the younger demographic are not always an ideal fit for you both now and long term. Make sure that you keep your joints healthy while seeking out a program. At Inner Strength, we pride ourselves on helping out clients get stronger without all the joint-pounding. In fact, most of our members say they feel more confident and capable within just a few short weeks of joining us!

3: Personalization.

The big gyms or group classes you'll quickly find are not their to personalize anything for the class. It's either "go at it all alone" or "fit into the workout template" given to you in a group format. At Inner Strength, we customize your workout program and work around any joint issues or concerns you have while simultaneously challenging you to get stronger and rejuvenate your health through our fitness program here in Arlington, TX. Want more information? Get in touch with us here at this link:

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