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We here at Inner Strength Fitness love to hear back for anyone who’s experienced what Inner Strength Fitness is all about.
Whether its boot camp or personal training - we want to know what you think! Below are just a few things people are saying about us.


​“Really enjoyed the workout! No matter your level of fitness, he WILL push you!! If you want a good quality workout, this is the place! I can barely walk after today's workout! I am totally going back!!”
​Brittany Richins


“Inner strength fitness is so awesome! I ALWAYS leave feeling like I have accomplished another step towards my goal, and the care that I get is genuine. I also really enjoy the bootcamps - I always leave dripping sweat and feeling accomplished!!”​
MacKenzie Cork


“Jesse is one of the hardest working people I know. His dedication to his profession is 2nd to none! I've had the opportunity of working out with Jesse in a gym as well as the basketball court and have seen his work ethic.. I highly recommend Inner Strength Fitness to anybody!”​
Joey Vara 


“Great environment and people. A home away from home filled with inspirational people full of personality, motivation and dedication.”​
Mira Lala


“Went to bootcamp for the first time last night and my legs are killing me today. Jesse is a great trainer and really knows what he is talking about. He is very encouraging and will go above and beyond to see you succeed. I am definitely going back.”​
Jamie Ottman


“Coming from a General Manager of Fitness, this guy knows his stuff! He will take time out of his day to meet with you so that you get the best experience! Very respectable man!”​
David Hill


“Always willing to help out any individual no matter what the problem is! I have seen this guy excel in every single aspect of his training and always advancing his education to better himself as well as others.”​
Daniel Rivas


"The boot camp is the next best thing to a personal trainer without paying a huge tab."
Amy Bluemel

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